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September 1, 2018 [HSA - Hundread Sound Accompany]

Before The After II

Event info

Date: September 1, 2018
Location: HSA - Hundread Sound Accompany
Address: Pop Dijkemaweg 31B Groningen

From moment to moment we went nimble yet riotous together through the night, in unison stomping to the beat. United in the vibe. Looking at those still images we got quite exhilarated again here at BTA HQ.

Thanks to all the party goers who showed us what they got when the motherfucking bass dropped. To the bday boys and girls celebrating their special day with us. To Kastermans, Lizzy Lockness and Lesley Moore for their perfect palette of sounds. To Philexx and Serious Hare who set the floor into the right light. And to our Volunteers for making everything possible in the first place. All of you were amazing as fuck!

Due to the frolicking and wildness, we actually had to constrain Mr Oizo a little so he stops eating up all the “sweets”. But good to know he survived the trip nonetheless.

Thanks for creating such a unique atmosphere together with us.

See you at the next one!