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Ernst Malo – Oppenheimer

KORECRAFT Dusk KDSK015 February 5, 2021

After delivering his debut EP ‘Our Future’ we are delighted to inform you that Ernst Malo is dropping a subsequent release on KORECRAFT. His Dusky Techno release is a reminder that life revolves around the choices we make. With ‘Oppenheimer’ this comes in a contemplative form directed towards moments where life thinly hangs in the balance because alternative feelings overtook compassion. This is musically carried by a hypnotic humming and an eerie synth containing a dash of a 70’s vibe, giving it a very mystical feel. The darkened drums resonate with the unrest of the track just to be dissolved by the harmonies in the break which addresses the duality of our being and the simple question: in what world do we love to live in.

Image Credit: ESA/Hubble & NASA, A. Adamo et al.